Are Diabetic Socks Worth the Additional Cost?

There are a variety of products that are designed to protect the feet, and some of these are manufactured to fit the set of conditions created by specific disorders, such as diabetes. Diabetics face a unique set of problems which target the health and condition of the feet. Compared to the average person – a cut, wound or open sore is twice as likely to become infected, and this can easily transform into a life threatening condition. Diabetic socks were created with this set of conditions in mind, but before you buy you may wonder if they are really worth the additional cost.

Compared to traditional brand name socks, diabetic socks for men and women are significantly more expensive. On average they can cost around $10 a pair, and are made by major manufactures such as Medipeds, Dr Scholls or New Balance. However, depending on the insurance company, this foot care product may be covered because it is designed to protect and improve your overall health. So before you dismiss the idea of diabetic socks because of their high price, investigate your insurance coverage. Also shopping online and in major retail stores can save you money.

Another reason this product is worth investing in is because of its ability to prevent injury and its ability to increase comfort when walking and standing. Compared to other sock brands, diabetic products are thicker – which can protect the foot from being accidentally cut or punctured. Also, it reduces the amount of friction between the shoe and foot, which can be a source of accidental injury and discomfort. Poor circulation is the primary reason chronic pain is experienced in the feet, which is common for diabetics. The increased thickness or use of gel heel inserts can make walking and standing significantly more comfortable.

Despite the higher price tag, diabetic socks are worth the cost for a number of reasons. The additional protection, reduced risk of injury and increased comfort are only a few of the benefits. Also if their higher cost will not fit into your budget, consider checking with your insurance company or searching for sales, which will make this foot care product more affordable.

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