Turn Your Home Into Home Sweet Home

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself more and more interested in making a home that I can really enjoy. I’ve wanted a place where people feel comfortable to come into, as though it’s an experience as well as just a place to be. I want it to be a real home.

So as part of this, I’ve started taking a much more hands-on approach to my home. For example, as a hobby I’ve tried finishing some furniture in the past, and it’s actually come out really well. Finishing it not difficult, though it does take time, and by varying the amounts of varnish you put onto a piece of wood you can change how dark or light it ends up. As an experiment I went looking for some discount unfinished furniture and ended up with a collection of chairs that I wanted to make into something that would be presentable at the dinner table. After a few weeks of patient work I ended up with chairs that are beautiful. They look great at my table, and people who come over remark on them fairly regularly.

I also do much more cooking than I used to do, having family and neighbors over on fairly regularly occasions to have a meal and enjoy each others’ company. I like both the cooking and the eating, and if the cleaning isn’t quite as great, well, we still get it done. For Christmas I’ve gone so far as to plan out some homemade dog treats – even the dog is eating well this time around!

So turning a home into a home sweet home really isn’t too hard – it just takes time and focus, to turn your house into an experience that your visitors will enjoy. And take it from me, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences too.

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