DIY Fireplace Mantels Make It Easy To Customize Your Home

In any home with a fireplace this seems to be the main attraction of the room it is in. There are ways to create unique DIY fireplace mantels on an easy budget. Companies know how much the home means to the owners or residents and strive to keep them happy by building prefabricated DIY fireplace mantels with just as much beauty and workmanship as built in ones.

Saving money without skimping on the materials or quality is what it is all about. There are kits that come complete with all hardware, preassembled shelf and breastplate, legs, ornamental molding and are adjustable from 48 to 58″, 50 to 54″ and 44 to 48″ sizes. They come in unfinished oak or paint grade poplar for the customers to choose what is best in their home. Add a few decorative wood appliques and the job will look like a professional did the entire thing.

No fireplace is complete without a well chosen set of glass fireplace doors. There are hundreds of selections to choose from in all price ranges and all kinds of designs and styles. There is a set that will beautifully accent the mantle that was just built.

Stained glass fireplace doors are very popular. They add new hues to the room and give the dancing firelight a new place to play. They are shaped in flowers or even bird shapes within the glass and are sturdy too. Plain golden glass is also used in some styles. This gives a pleasant wall decoration when the fire is blazing on a cold night. The shade chosen will accent every item in the room and those watching the light too.

Many other designs exist to choose from too so a good shopping day is the best bet. Online sites can show the wrought iron, simple square and clear glass or even the intricate detailed arches that can make the entire sitting room a sanctuary all its own.

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