Choosing And Using DIY Wedding Invitation Kits

You like the idea of DIY wedding invitations. You would love to ask friends and family to your special day in a unique way. But between working, planning the wedding, arranging things for the reception, and making sure nothing is forgotten, you barely have time to sleep these days. You definitely don’t have time to search for ideas, then go from store to store, hunting for just the right materials for your DIY wedding invitations.  So what do you do?

You get a DIY wedding invitation kit.

There are hundreds of different types of DIY wedding invitation kits available.  The main type is a pre-printed invitation, and you fill in the blanks.  Others are cards bordered in different colors and textures.  You print what you want on the card.  Some kits even include decorations which you can add to the invitations. Such kits are available in many stores.  Places like Wal-mart, Target and Staples are likely to carry the more simple kits.  Larger craft stores also carry invitation kits but the widest selection is likely to be found online at wedding supplies stores.

How to Choose Your DIY Wedding Invitation Kit

Look for invitations which will tell your guests a little bit about you and the type of ceremony you will be having is a good idea. If you love nature, then an invitation with flowers on the front makes sense.  If your ceremony is going to be formal, you will want to pick invitations which lean toward formality.  White coloring, embossed paper, decorous wording, all of these characteristics inform your guests that your wedding is to be a rather formal event.

Don’t Limit Yourself
If you find a particular kit, but wish it were just a bit more…you…go ahead and add something.  It’s your wedding, after all.  If you want more ribbon on the invitations, or some pearls, put them on!

Buy Extras

There are usually 50 invitations in a DIY wedding invitation kit.  Buying a few extra invitations ensures there will be enough, in case you decide to invite someone at the last minute, or an invitation gets lost in the mail.

With DIY wedding invitation kits, you can invite guests to your one-of-a-kind wedding with one-of-a-kind invitations, and be wise with your money and time while you do it.

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