Tackling Dog Ear Mites And Other Prevalent Health Issues

Among all the domesticated animals that people love to have in their house, dogs without a doubt enjoy the most favored status by people in general. This huge inclination towards dogs stems from the fact that they are probably the most intelligent, loving and trusted companions that we human beings would ever find. Bringing a dog to the house can bring great joy to the whole family. But keeping a dog in a healthy condition is also very important, and one needs to be careful about dog ear mites, which can be quite a painful and disturbing problem for the dog.

These dog mites are basically a type of parasite which primarily feeds on dogs. And since the entire body of a dog is covered in thick coat of hair, these parasites find the dog’s bare ears to be the ideal target for settling down and sucking blood. Growth of ear mites can cause redness in the ears and extreme irritation to the dog.

If such a condition is present in a dog, then it will be advisable to keep the dog away from kids as well as other pets and visit the nearest vet at the earliest. Medications could include a combination of both oral and locally applicable medicines to treat the condition.

But the problem just doesn’t end here. Once the dog has been treated for ear mites, it will also be important to keep dog’s full coat of hair clean and combed to stop any further growth of parasite infection. Using a dog brush for shedding would also be a great idea to keep the hair clean of any dirt or dead hair and avoid possibilities of an infection.

Trimming the dog’s nails from an early age would really augur well in keeping them free from injuries sustained due to scratching of skin or ear lobes with overgrown nails. Moreover, regular trimming of nails would also ensure that there are no instances of broken or bent nails caused due to getting stuck in the grill or the carpet lying in the room. Though dog nail trimming can be difficult to undertake in the beginning as the dog may get scared, but once it gets into a habit, it will become just like any other routine.

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