Don’t Forget The Baby Bling

Got a really special occasion coming up?  Maybe a wedding, your grandparents’ 50th anniversary, or a Christmas party?  Are you looking to dress up the whole family?  What fun!  While you’re at it, don’t forget to bling up the baby!

Just go out shopping or get online and see the supply of baby bling.  It’s amazing.  I wish they had had this stuff when my daughter was a baby.  I was lucky to find anything fancier than black patent leather shoes and a ribbon for her hair.  And that was really sad because she had the cutest, little tiny feet and a head full of black hair.

Take a look.  You’ll find all kinds of bling for your baby’s hair.  There are barrettes made for any amount of hair your baby might have, and just as fancy as you like.  There are headbands, clips and other accessories with bows, flowers, jewels, just about anything you can imagine.

Then, there is baby jewelry.  You can deck out your little doll with a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings.  Absolutely adorable little stuff.

And don’t forget one of my personal favorites – the jeweled pacifier.  The most perfect little piece of bling yet to be designed.  They come in a variety of colors with different designs.  The jewels are safely set in so they can’t come off in their little fingers.  And there are jeweled pacifier clips as well.

Another favorite is the jeweled shoes.  They are available with the little jewels set in the entire sole (which is the part we see the most on a tiny baby), and across the toe on the infant tennis shoes.

And if your bling fling isn’t satisfied yet, you can find baby clothes with all kinds of sparkle and fluff.  You can even find jeweled combs, brushes, spoons, and other baby stuff, just as sparkly and glittery as you like it.

So get the whole family ready for the party and don’t forget the baby bling!

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