Door Alarm Systems

Every organization needs security. Yet with our era of computer passwords, magnetic keys, surveillance cameras, sensors and security guards what use is a wireless door alarm? If a burglar wanted to access a determined area or access an off limits room, they would have to get through a series of protection measures. How could door alarm systems installed on iron doors deter someone capable of doing that?

A door alarm is a simple gadget that is placed on the frame of a door. When anyone opens the door the alarm will emit a high sound, telling you of the entry of an intruder. Door alarms can be seen at houses, frequently as a garage door alarm. Door alarms are also used at offices as well.

The basic advantage of a door alarms is its low cost put side by side with other security systems. You’ll find door alarms ranging from 10 to 50 dollars depending on the maker and the quality of the unit you purchase. Be sure to strike an adequate balance between cost and quality. If any security breach bad takes place due to a defective door alarm, you will take the blame for choosing it.

A door alarm creates a magnetic field. If that magnetic field is severed, the alarm begins sounding a loud siren that disorients the trespasser and alerts you to the illegal entrance. If you have wireless door alarms put in or wish to install them, you should think about using good batteries and executing a maintenance plan and replace the batteries at specific dates. If you have hard wired door alarms, these alarms are connected to the electrical system of the building. The more expensive models also use batteries in case there is a power out.

Door alarm system should be incorporated into any business or household security system. Door alarms are small, inconspicuous and not often noticed. They are a cheap, proven technology which could end as the final barrier between your loved ones and a thief.

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