Reasons Door Blinds Are Safer Than Traditional Blinds

One of the most overlooked areas in interior design is picking a proper door window treatment for your entryway. Being one of the highest traffic areas in the home, a window treatment that is both stylish and functional is crucial for giving a good first impression of your home. When guests first approach your home, do they have a feeling of uneasiness because of the closed off or dark entryway? Or does the natural light flooding the room give them the sense of hospitality? However, just as important as looking aesthetically pleasing is the functionality of your door widow treatments. Meaning, you should be able to close your window treatments at night to ensure your privacy.

If you’re looking to finally properly treat your door windows, don’t make the mistake that most people make. Most people think that the best looking window treatment for their door with be the curtains, blinds, or balloon shades that match the rest of their home. While this may be the most pleasing to the eye, this doesn’t mean it is the safest solution. In fact, because of the swinging motion of an opening and closing door, a traditional curtain or window treatment can actually cause dents or scratches to the door over time. Even worse, it has the potential to actually fall right off of the door!

For the least amount of effort, consider purchasing a new entryway door that has door blinds built into the door itself. These new doors have the blinds sandwiched between the layers of glass, and hide all of the working parts in the frame so you get the most streamlined product. However, since a new door is out of the budget of most homeowners, there are cheaper alternatives. Blinds for door window kits have all of the pieces necessary to mount your door blinds on all four sides of the window frame, to ensure it can withstand the constant movement of the door.

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