E Cig Starter Kits Help People Quit Smoking

There is heavy controversy that dates back to the early twentieth century concerning smoking. First it was the health effects that were being debated, which still continues to this day. The second item of debate concerning smoking is what to do about the problem. Now that the adverse health effects of smoking and nicotine consumption have such a strong foundation of support, many current smokers are trying earnestly to stop smoking and improve their health. The industry of smoke cessation products is a vast one, and companies are constantly competing to find the best solution. Just recently, there has been a breakthrough in the war against smoke addiction.

This is not a patch, a gum, or any kind of therapy session; it is a device that looks like a cigarette, works like a cigarette, and even can taste like a cigarette. E cig starter kits resemble real cigarettes so closely, that current smokers are constantly mistaking them for the real thing. Surprisingly enough, this device is helping people to break the habit, and improve their health. Nicotine consumption through smoking is a very dangerous activity that claims the lives of thousands every year. Many people have tried different programs to stop smoking, but they find that they are dependent on the nicotine drug and they give up after feeling like they have exhausted their efforts. The act of quitting any addiction is very exhausting indeed.

In an addiction, your body and brain have been conditioned to accept this habit as the new norm. As soon as the person stops or even slows down this habit, the body will give negative feedback to make the person go back to the habit that is ultimately damaging their health. The way that e cig starter kits have been helping people beat this addiction is by tricking the brain into thinking that it is still engaged in the habit, while the body’s health is actually improving. E cig starter kits come in various nicotine levels for those that are wanting to start their journey to better health. It is not wise to go cold turkey on smoking because of the strong effects that is has on the body.

The body cannot heal itself overnight, which is why a tapering approach is recommended by physicians. If a smoker is consuming a pack every day, there is an appropriate nicotine dose that the e cig starter kits will use. After about a month, it is then possible to advance to a smaller dose. This process can continue all the way to no nicotine at all. They say that the nicotine is only a part of the addiction; that the physical act of smoking is a very large contributing factor. It is true that any physical act can reinforce behavior, and is also the key to quitting any habit. E cig starter kits were designed to have the least amount of break in the physical habit as possible.

This ensures that the brain still intuitively thinks that the habit is still underway, giving the body no negative feedback during the addiction recovery process. There are several success stories of people who used to be regular smokers, but with e cig starter kits, they were able to gradually break the habit, and still carry on with their lives as though no drastic change in their health were taking place. As these people were going about their normal business of life, their health was gradually improving with almost no additional effort on their parts. People found that they started having the desire to eat better, exercise regularly, and have more healthy family and social lives. Even if people have tried many other programs in the past, they can renew their hopes of better health with e cig starter kits.

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