7 Rules For Easy College Weight Loss

This article is about weight loss rules for college. Because it can be very difficult to lose weight while in college (all the classes, parties, dates and exam stress), you need a set of rules that will make college weight loss easier for you.

Pack your own lunch

Take your diet with you wherever you go by packing your own lunches. That way you will watch your waistline and avoid the unhealthy foods of the college cafeteria.

Watch your drinks

When you go out for a drink or two, make sure that you don’t have more than 3 drinks per night and that you stick to the diet varieties and the low calorie drinks.

Prepare lots of healthy meals in the weekends

We all know how busy weekdays can be, with all the studding and the social gatherings, there can be little time to make dinner and the take away menu might seem more doable. Avoid reaching for the take aways by making lots of healthy meals for dinner in the weekends.

Snack smart

Exam stress and other stress can make you snack o unhealthy stuff without even knowing it. Make sure you snack smart by having healthy snacks like nuts, fat free yogurt, fruits and veggie stick closely to snack on.

Make time for regular exercise

Make sure that you schedule regular time for exercise and that you meet those appointments. And don’t waste your time on any exercise, rather do the best exercise to lose weight.

Limit the fast food and treats

Make sure that you don’t have too much fast foods or treats by including them in an occasional cheat meal where you can have anything you like.

Control your cravings

Manage your cravings and your overeating by including some health nutritional products – just read the precautions first and make sure you are aware of their risks.

Implementing these rules will help you to make sure that you are set for weight loss. Just include them with a regular exercise plan and a healthy diet and you will be successful.

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