Baked Doughnut Maker Fun For The Whole Family

Hurrah, it’s doughnut time!

Many people are living hectic and busy lives which does not allow for enjoyable moments such as cooking and baking. But, that change can be as quick and easy as buying a baked doughnut maker.

This makes the perfect item for a fun family snack in the home. There is nothing better than the smell of baked goods wafting through the home and taking fresh doughnuts out of the oven. The added benefit is there is no greasy mess from a deep fryer. There are many rewards to cooking and baking in your own home. This gives you the option of tasty treats without all the extra fat, calories and preservatives found in store bought or bakery doughnuts.

The ingredients are similar to fried doughnuts. Unbleached pastry flour, baking powder, salt sugar, eggs, spices and liquid is all that is needed for a basic doughnut.

The key to making home cooked doughnuts is to use a heavy molded metal doughnut pan or an electric countertop doughnut maker. For anyone that does not have the countertop space nor wants to deal with dragging a bulky machine out of their cupboards every time they desire a doughnut, a pan is a much better option. Once you have bought a couple of six hole doughnut pans, you can start making delicious treats in no time at all.

To ensure easy clean up, look for a baked doughnut maker with a nonstick finish. Making the batter is as easy as making cookies and just about any doughnut recipe will work just fine. Any good baking recipe will instruct you to mix the liquid and dry ingredients separately before combining them together.

You can then spray the baking pan down with a nonstick spray or grease each ring carefully for added sticking protection. This is an important step to ensure the doughnut batter will not stick and they will pop out easily and in a whole form.

It is advisable to only fill the doughnut ring halfway as they will rise when baking. Then, carefully place the pans in a preheated oven for ten to twelve minutes. Very carefully take the pans out of the oven, let them cool as long as you can withstand and then enjoy your hard-earned treat.

If you desire a sugar or chocolate glaze, allow to cool  completely. Although this may defeat the point of purchasing a lowfat baked doughnut pan, it can be fun for the rare treat or special occasion.

There is no doubt, friends and family alike will be thoroughly impressed with your new-found doughnut baking dessert skills. They are sure to ask for them often.

One pan will start you off right with six doughnuts, two pans are even better as they provide a full dozen at one time. The fun never ends when you purchase lowfat baked doughnut pans.

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