The Option Of Electric Dog Fences

Electric fences for dogs come with two options, the wireless dog fence and in-ground dog fence. Following are the reviews of the in-ground dog fence which is considered an electric dog fence. If you are considering to getting an electric dog fence for your dog, the Petsafe deluxe in-ground fence prf-304w may be a good choice.

This is why the Petsafe deluxe in-ground fence is a very good system to contain you dog. You can mix the other types of dog collars form the other Petsafe systems with your new system. So if you had electric dog fences in the past, you will be able to reuse the collars. You can cover any size of dog, or any temperament of dog as a benefit of this feature.

Here is the match type; dog under 12 lbs.: Get the Petsafe little dog collar, large dog or pain tolerant dog get the Petsafe stubborn collar. For everyone in between the Petsafe deluxe works the best.

What you have to know is that it requires you spend a lot of time to burying boundary wires if using Petsafe. If you don’t want to bury a ton of boundary wires there is another choice of electric dog fences, which is the wireless dog fence.

The Petsafe deluxe electric fence comes with two output modules: A boundary wire with a transmitter, the wire is buried into the soil, and the transmitter installed within your home. A receiver collar is the dog collar worn by your own dog to receive the warning signal.

How does it work, you may be asking? When your dog approaches the set areas the receiver collar will beep a warning, and if your dog keeps trying to reach the warning areas they will receive a mild shock from the collar.

Electric dog fences can be a safe way to contain your precious pet when they are in an unfenced yard.

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