Safe Handling of Your Hyster Batteries

Performing adequate maintenance on your electric forklift truck batteries is very important, as the cost of new replacement batteries can be very expensive. The batteries on your Hyster electric forklift trucks are made out of lead acid. Lead acid batteries are very dangerous, and this is very important that you perform maintenance only in safe conditions.

Safe conditions for electric forklift truck batteries include areas which are free from open flame. During the charging process for your forklift batteries, it is very important that the charging station is adequately ventilated. Adequate ventilation is important because of the byproduct gases which are released during the battery charging process. One of the main gases released is hydrogen, which can be very flammable.

Whenever you are working around for electric forklift truck battery charging area, make sure that you are also wearing proper physical protective gear as well. Physical protective gear which should be worn includes safety goggles and a vest. The best will protect you in case you accidentally come into contact with the electrolyte material. The battery electrolyte is very acidic, and can cause burns if it comes into contact with your skin.

One of the most common ways that people accidentally burn themselves is when they are filling the water level in their fork lift battery. Make sure to do this very slowly, so that the electrolyte material does not accidentally spill out. If you accidentally spill out the electrolyte material onto the post of the Hyster electric forklift battery, make sure you clean the spill area right away. The best way to clean off the top of your electric forklift battery, is by using a diluted solution of water and baking soda. You can keep this mix in a spray bottle, and keep it readily available in your battery charging area.

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