Electric Bikes Are Great For Young People

It doesn’t seem to matter where you go these days it seems like new technology is completely taking over.  I am not just talking about computers, cell phones and cameras, but also electric bikes, electric mopeds and electric scooters.  If your kids like technology, then they will probably love electric bikes.  These technically enhanced electric vehicles are becoming very popular around the world and all across America, especially with younger people.

Probably the best reason for the popularity behind kids enjoying electric bikes so much is because, electric bicycles, and their companions, electric scooters and mopeds, are one of the few motorized vehicles that are not strictly regulated by state and local governments.  This is not to state or imply that there are no government safety standards on these innovative devices, but to merely emphasize the idea that because this technology is so new, there may not be restrictions on them yet.  However, if you or your child is riding on an electric vehicle that has over 750 watts of power, then chances are you will need a license.

The reason kids love them so much is because they can actually ride an electric bicycle that is technically a motorized vehicle and still stay within the law.  As stated before If the bike is below the 750 threshold, kids should be able to ride the e-bike without any hassles from local authorities.  A good 600 watt electric bike will take you on rides of well over 20 miles per hour and provide your young person with a sense of freedom few other hobbies can afford.  Not only that but it gives a sense of social responsibility, because it allows them to participate in a cleaner environment and help conserve energy.

Not only will young people enjoy electric bicycles, but older people will get a benefit from them as well, because they are easier on an older person’s joints while allowing them the ability to actually ride a bicycle.

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