Exercise For Good Sugar Levels

Those warm spells that show up for a day or two in the winter are a good time to get outside and enjoy the weather and break that spell of sedentary inside living. Sedentary lifestyles usually lead to poor health and even though it may take years before that poor health catches up with a person it does seem to catch up with a vengeance. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits encourage the development of elevated sugar levels and the health problems that go along with chronic high blood sugar.

Staying in shape through regular exercise and good eating habits will ward off many of the health problems that would otherwise be just outside the door waiting to pounce. A diet higher in fiber and protein and lower in carbohydrates and sugar will do wonders in keeping a person’s body working properly. This type of diet will decrease the amount of glucose available to be absorbed into the blood stream simply by not providing that much from the food that is consumed each day.

To eat this way a person needs to remove as much processed and fast foods from the daily diet as possible. This will be a big change for most people, but a change that will provide big benefits in decreasing the stress on a person’s digestive and blood sugar control systems. It may mean learning to cook again and making out a shopping list again, but both are better than simply driving through the drive thru for meals every night.

The addition of exercise will make those benefits come quicker and losing some weight will be an added bonus to feeling better and getting blood sugar levels back in shape. Don’t skip anymore nice winter days, but take advantage of the next one and get started on new habits for the new year.

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