Expensive Longboard Solutions


Longboarding, an alternative to the skateboard, is gaining more and more popularity. Longboarding contains a great variety of disciplines. You can choose to perform tricks, go downhill or do the slalom. Another difference is the price: Longboarding is way more expensive than skateboarding. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to describe why the longboards are more expensive and some sources where you can buy longboards for cheap prices.

Price differences

Longboards are way more expensive mainly because of the material longboards are made of. Longboards are often made of materials such as bamboo. This is harder to fabricate than the wood that is used for skateboards. Furthermore longboards are typically a bit longer and the wheels are a bit bigger and softer. Moreover, a part of the price is just pure marketing. Longboard manufacturers like Dervish are very good at aggressive advertising tactics and in this way they are able to charge very high prices; longboarders will buy them anyway.

Second hand longboards

For newbies, I recommend to buy a second hand longboard. The best source for this is EBay. I highly recommend EBay, mainly because of the rating system and the cheap prices. Especially the German and Spanish versions of EBay contain a great amount of cheap longboards. Furthermore, I recommend Extremesportstrader.co.uk; this website is a sort of Craig’s List for extreme sports.  The only disadvantage of this website is that it is British, so the sending fees may be a bit higher for people outside the United Kingdom.

New Longboards

For new cheap longboards, the best place to go is the Australian web shop named theskateboardexpress.com. They ship directly from their factory to your home, so you do not have to pay for things not relating to the board itself, like shelf space and promotion. Therefore, the prices for new boards are incredibly low here, which makes it the best place to look for cheap longboards for sale.

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