Portable And Functional – Fabric Screen Room Dividers

Screen room divider is the preferred over hard walls in dividing large room into two functional areas.  This could be used for the living rooms or any room you have in the house.  These are also employed in function halls or convention centers.  Screen room divider is an affordable and portable room divider that comes in different sizes and designs.  Besides being compact they are folding room dividers making storing trouble free.  There are oriental inspired Shoji screens and classic looking lacquered wood that are mostly used in dividing a large function hall to accommodate two sets of reception all at the same time.  This utilitarian function saves a lot of energy from the shared lighting and air conditioning use that is shared by two events.  Simple pieces such as fabric screen room dividers are also available which are very easy to clean and maintain.  These are detachable fabrics that you can wash or change according to the mood you want to have for your room.

Other types of screen room dividers are curtains or drapes which are readily available and very easy to install.  The fabric designs are also varied from simple colors to very sophisticated designs that are visually appealing.  Not only that the textures are also widely available to blend with every type of home theme you have.  These are ideal for apartment, dorm and other temporary housing where constructing hard walls are not only hard but very limited and at times restricted by the landlords.

For those who are looking for a built in screen room divider, glass sliding doors are great addition to divide a wide living room and create an enclosed family room or entertainment room.  This enable owners to soundproof the room and with an additional window treatment utmost privacy is attained.   This are also the kind of divider used in offices and studios that requires high level of privacy.

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