Following God In Your Life

I sometimes hear people complain about the “rules” found in the Bible, but a close examination of the text will reveal there are only two rules you need to follow:  Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.  The love of God for you is deep and profound.  Indeed, the Bible is full of guidelines to help you achieve your life’s full potential, and position you for a loving personal relationship with God.  As a true believer you should be convinced deeply of His love for you and therefore feel compelled to obey Him because you know God’s direction is always the best path.  Life can be full of deception and misdirection.  God does not want you to be seduced by these evil forces that will diminish the joy in your life.  God wants to guide you to a fulfilled life that is complete in every way.

God wants you to have an abundant life.  God’s direction is always meant to guide you toward blessings.  God clearly desires for you to prosper and succeed.  God’s commands are indicators that assist you in finding what is best for your life.  If you truly have faith in God you will love Him, trust Him, and obey Him.

The Bible makes it clear that human wisdom is child’s play compared to the wisdom of God.  It’s important for believers to patiently wait for understanding from God before proceeding in important decisions.  Sometimes it will be clear where God is pointing, and that path may seem difficult, but if you trust Him and move forward you will soon come to understand why He pushed you in that direction.

If you believe God has delivered the answer to you, there’s no reason not to move forward with confidence.  God’s plan for your life is always the right way to go.  The only way to feel you have absolutely communicated with God is to spend time with Him in prayer and in careful study of His Word.

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