Exquisite Fans From Harbor Breeze

Certain brands in ceiling fans and home lighting develop a cult following of sorts. Brands like Harbor Breeze have a devoted following from everyday consumers who appreciate quality. The most defining feature of Harbor Breeze is their attention to detail. Each and every one of their fans has been custom designed and built with the best materials.

The finishes on Harbor Breeze fans are of exquisite quality. Finishes ranging from brass and nickel to steel and bronze can be found on many models. Many of the blades that they use have been hand crafted and painted. Some models have fans which are made in the shape of leaves, while others are more modern in style. Like the other elite ceiling fan brands, Harbor Breeze incorporates reversible blades on their fans. Reversible blades are able to be flipped around to reveal an alternate color on the other side.

Harbor Breeze offers a lifetime warranty on their fan motors. Each fan has an ultra quiet electric motor which is designed to run at multiple speeds. Most fans offer three different motor speeds not including reverse. Multiple speeds allow the fan to adapt to varying temperatures within the home.

Certain fans are able to be used indoors and out. Weather resistant materials allow the blades to be used in humid conditions without sagging. Protective finishes on the exterior prevent the electrical components from degrading.

Harbor Breeze offers fans with and without lights. If you purchase one of their fans and later decide that you wanted light on it, a matching light kit can be bought and attached. Conversely, you can detach an existing light kit at any time and cover the hole with a decorative cover. Harbor Breeze fans are all about versatility and options, allowing customers to choose exactly how their fan looks and operates. Harbor Breeze can be coordinated with other light fixtures like recessed can lights and flush lights.

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