Finding Inexpensive Gift Boxes

Everyone loves to give and receive gifts and a huge part of giving a really impressive present is in the way you dress up the gift. Gift bags, wrapping paper and gift boxes are all ways to make a lasting impression with a gift, but it’s often boxes which make the most memorable gift packaging.

When shopping around for boxes, you’re sure to find any number of beautiful designs you like. In fact, you may find it hard to choose just one for that gift that you’re planning to give soon. You may want to purchase a variety of boxes and have them on hand for easier gift giving all year long.

Boxes are available to be purchased individually or in bulk amounts. Often purchasing in bulk is the least expensive method of having the gift packaging you need always available at home. While you can sometimes get discounted rates on bulk purchases from local and online retail shops, wholesale is usually the best way to buy when you’re looking for great bargains.

Packaging specialty gifts like jewelry, wine, cookies or other food items is often easiest and most impressive when you choose a specialty box for presenting the gift. There are a large number of manufacturers that now produce specialty gift packaging. You can find many of these boxes readily available in online stores and many are quite reasonably priced.

You’ll find boxes in special shapes, sizes, and with unique features. Different lid designs are also available. The traditional lid which is completely removed when opening a gift is the least expensive box style, usually costing $1.00 or less per box. Boxes with hinged or flap lids are usually a little more pricey. You can often find a dozen or more boxes in bulk packages for somewhere between $5.00 and $20.00 depending on the size and design of the boxes.

You can also save money by avoiding wrapping paper and choosing decorative boxes instead. Boxes come preprinted in any number of designs, including those for every holiday and every other gift giving occasion as well. Online stores are the best source for inexpensive preprinted boxes.

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