Reasons To Own A Fingerprint Gun Case

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A great new way to store valuables and weapons in a convenient but safe manner is by using a biometric gun safe. Called a fingerprint gun case by many folks today, it takes advantage of an ingenious technology to record and then require the owner’s individual fingerprint statistics before allowing admittance.

It works by using a very high performance algorithm to identify each person’s fingerprint. To maintain accuracy, a low False Reject Rate program within a small onboard computer is used. This embedded self learning algorithm can automatically add new points of fingerprint data each time the person’s fingerprint is acquired. This is done over time to further decreases the risk access errors. Truly, the fingerprint weapon case is a testament to humankind’s ingenuity and creativity.

For those folks that may already own a few used gun safes, here is some good news. You can now add special biometric locks to your existing gun safes to make them more secure. Statistics indicate biometric locks are an extremely effective method to use when securing handguns and other types of valuables. The locks can keep children out but will also keep robbers deterred. A burglar will pass on the gun safe when its locks are too difficult to circumvent.

What is the most exciting aspect about this new technology is the price tag. Adding a biometric lock to an existing case or purchasing a new fingerprint gun case does not cost a fortune. Furthermore, anywhere that quality sporting goods are sold will have them. Even some of the Internet websites for home security will feature them along with other types of safes. This makes owning a fingerprint safe for guns both affordable and easy today. Therefore, anyone that lives in a high crime area or that has small children at home should consider purchasing them.

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