How To Turn Your Unfinished Basement Into Useful Living Space

An unfinished basement is a dreadful waste of space that any growing family needs. Families just keep on growing, so getting around to the basement becomes priority in order to provide low cost living room.

If you are a handyman you might be thinking of doing the work yourself. Before you go that route you need to make a realistic assessment of your building skills. Can you plaster walls and ceilings as well as a qualified plasterer? Are you a qualified electrician? Are you a qualified plumber?

If you want your basement to add value to your home and to look as well as the rest of it then you need to employ skilled professionals to do most of the work. An amateur building job will always be obvious as just that.

Basements typically have three problems that need to be overcome to turn this space into useful living rooms; damp, cold and lack of daylight.

A damp basement can be solved by “tanking” it. Basically this means treating the walls and floor with a waterproof coating. You can do this yourself, but a builder will offer a guarantee if he does it.

A cold basement can be remedied by heating and lots of insulation on the floor and walls.

Lack of daylight can be addressed by using full spectrum daylight bulbs in all the fittings in your basement. These give a white light that will help prevent seasonal affective disorder.

Finishing a basement ideas for rooms should always include an extra bathroom and subdividing your basement to allow for more flexible use. Use studded walls with twelve inches of insulation between them and the outside concrete wall. Build a suspended floor with loft flooring panels screwed to joists. Fill the space underneath the floor with insulating material. Use fiber glass rolls, rigid insulating boards or blow in insulation.

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