Catching Winter Carp The Right Way

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Carp enthusiasts know that in winter carp fishing equipment, and their tactics, need to change. Carp deal with the onset of cold temperatures by slowing their metabolism, which means they no longer need so avidly to seek a good supply of food. But they must still eat, and with an observant eye for their reduced eating times, persistence, and some luck, carp fishermen have learned they can continue to net the weighty species year-round.

It will take preparation, of course. Gone are the lazy summer evenings. The standard cold-weather requirements include some protection from rain and wind, fishing chairs so that you can the sit off the ground, a warm sleeping bag, warm clothes including a hat and waterproofs, a stove to keep hands and coffee cup full, and an adequate light source. Pretty much indispensable, especially if the fishing trip is extensive, is a carp fishing bivvy. These waterproof and well-sealed tents provide excellent protection from winter elements. The best bivvy is useable year round, with netting protecting the fisherman from summer pests and a system of removable layering offering protection from the winter cold. Once these things are in place, it is time to fish. Remember that carp, needing less food in the winter, feel less tied to standard feeding locations. It is useful to cast a rod in different spots. Keep a close on the tips of your rods for nibbles – these can be quite slight in the winter and can easily be missed, but are clear indicators that you have found a likely spot.

Without the necessary equipment and clothing, it will be almost impossible to maintain the proper level of concentration. Too much time will be taken up trying to keep warm. The successful fisherman knows that a successful expedition begins with adequate preparation, and proper winter carp fishing equipment is the essence of that preparation.

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