Why You Should Workout 101

My dad always told me when I was growing up “son, there are two kinds of athletes, the one that practices on his own and the one that doesn’t”. Well, I do the same thing with my gym class. If I only workout when I there I probably not going to get in shape like I should. Especially since I can’t run at my gym. I run three mile every day. And that alone will keep me in shape. Taking in consideration that I do not eat very unhealthy food. You should workout at least three times a week for thirty to forty minutes. If you don’t exercise on a weekly basis then I suggest that you at least be active for sixty minutes a day. You have to eat right in order to lose weight,build muscle, or just stay in shape. Making diet plans are a great way to know what you can eat and what you cannot. That will help you to stay healthy and live a long life.

Fitness training is a must for people. You cannot just diet, your body needs to be active. One of my workouts that I do involves the pull up bar. I bought one for my house. I love this thing, when I’m walking past I can just do a set of fifteen or thirty. If you do that three to five times a day that will help you tremendously. The exercises that you must do to help you look amazing will be crunches, curls and either the bench press or puss ups. If you can do the bench press is a little bit easier because you can set your weight limit. Though it is a little bit more dangerous, always have a partner there to help spot you. The curls will help build your biceps and the crunches will give you a wash board abs if you do it enough.

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