Fixing Broken Hard Drive Issues – Hardware And Software Issues

It is possible to fix broken hard drive issues if you’re able to focus in on what hardware or software faults have caused the problem. At the very worst you should be able to attempt a data recovery. This article steps through a number of the analysis and maintenance checks you can do to both hardware and software.

The starting point should always be hardware checks since these are the most critical. Begin by checking the cabling is correctly fastened to the hard drive and that none of the pins are connectors are pushed in or damaged. Check the air inlets are not being blocked with dust and that there is no sign of heat damage to the external elements of the broken hard drive. Any electronic damage should be looked at by a PC technician in order to attempt hard drive data recovery.

In most cases however you should be able to proceed to checking the software for signs of faults. Start with looking at the BIOS menu to make sure the broken hard drive has been identified correctly. It could simply be that it conflicts with another hardware component (perhaps when you recently installed). Remove the second component to test out whether or not the BIOS can identify your drive.

Next, check for bad sectors on the disk itself. Use Windows error checking tool scan the drive for physical as well as software damage to the sectors. This can be run once Windows is open running or if the computer cannot start correctly then use the emergency boot disks to invoke a bad sector scan.

Your final option is to attempt a hard drive data recovery. You will need to place the internal drive into a separate external drive casing if your system a lot startup and then connected to another PC in order to scan. Use a good commercial data recovery tool that can support the file system format on your hard drive (usually NTFS or FAT32).

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