Folding Step Stool Types And Their Advantages

Quite often while cooking at home there will come an instance when you need to get something off a high shelf but cant reach. This is when a folding step stool is needed. When standing on tip toes just won’t work or contemplating stepping on the bottom of a kitchen cupboard with the door open to get that saucepan that’s hanging just out of reach, a kitchen step stool is idea as it will be close at hand, perhaps under your breakfast bar if you have one.

Folding step stools, or kitchen steps, should be light weight and east to lift in order to minimise difficulty transporting it over to where you need it. Generally a kitchen step stool will have one step that folds out for you to stand on, but if this isn’t enough, a 2 or 3 step folding step ladder may be the best option as this will have practical uses all over your home. Just changing a light bulb would lead many people to reach for a chair to stand on, risking injury due to falling off or just damaging or dirtying the chair due to footprints. Small step ladders are definitely a good idea to keep about the home, and being relatively low cost compared to most other home ware accessories, it shouldn’t be a problem to grab a bargain.

The folding step stool frames are manufactured using several different materials including aluminum, wood or plastic, with each having different advantages: Wood is strong and looks great, especially if you have a wood finish in your kitchen, but they can be quite heavy. A plastic folding step will be durable, colorful and light weight while having the added advantage of being able to fold into a size similar to a hard back book. Aluminum step stools and ladders are extremely light weight, durable and generally fold away easily into a small space. Being of low cost also, aluminum folding step stools are probably the best choice of the three types.

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