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Many people do not realize that a majority of Banzai water slides can be used with in ground swimming pools as an additional feature and activity for the children. The slides which do not have a wading pool are mainly designed to be used with a swimming pool. The smaller slides can usually be paired with a small inflatable pool for younger children. This is a good safety aspect since there are not any hard edges or surfaces with the slides and inflatable pools.

Since Banzai water slides were introduced to the market, there have been a number of other similar types that have joined the craze. The Bonsai water slide has a unique design as they are very durable and tend to last many years. They can be found on-line through retailers as well as through on-line auctions. The best time for savings is to purchase the slides during the winter months. They are also sold at many stores such as the big box retailers, however deals are usually more available when searching for them on-line.

Bonsai water slides come in handy particularly during the summer months when children are on school break. They have many advantages such as being easy to assemble, easy to move from one location to another, do not require the up-keep that a swimming pool does with daily checking of chemicals and cleaning as well as providing hours of fun and play.

They are also very useful for those small backyard spaces where there is not ample room to install a swimming pool. All ages of children can utilize the Bonsai water slide. Many come with an attached wading pool at the base of the unit which is great for smaller children who may not be able to use the slide portion. Some of the Bonsai water slides come with two slides attached to them with the larger one for older children and a smaller slide for younger kids. The majority of the time used to first assemble the slide is spent locating the perfect spot in the yard.

The Jungle Blast Water Slide includes five different water activities. One involves shooting down a steep tree house, a curved tunnel slide, blasting water from a cannon, cooling off under a tropical waterfall and splashing around in the giant wading pool. The slide features a heavy-duty construction and comes with a continuous air motor for easy inflation. The unit measures 11.5’L x 14’W x 17.5’H. The slide can hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds. Want to use your slide at night? Try putting up some outdoor umbrella lights or solar flood lights.

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