Funding Options For Nursing Programs In Illinois

Lack of qualified nursing staff has been a hurdle for the Government in the state of Illinois in providing good quality health care to the residents. Since recently, the Government has become quite concerned about the issue and has decided to taken several steps to improve the scenario.

Government Grants for Nursing students in Illinois
There are several reasons which account for the shortage of nurses in Illinois. One of them is that most of the people who are qualified as nurses carry on to pursue a career in urban centers. Hence, the rural communities are deprived of quality health care. Besides that, the fear of meeting the high tuition and living costs is a factor which holds back many people who are ready to serve in the state of Illinois. In order to eradicate this apprehension, the Government is now granting many scholarships for nursing programs in illinois. Out of these, a very worthwhile one is Nursing Education Scholarship Program offered by the Illinois Center of Rural Health.

What are the required qualifications?
1. The applicant must be a resident for one year prior to the submission of application or must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, with a non-US nationality
2. Enrolled in one of the nursing programs in illinois which is approved by the Illinois department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Professional Regulation.
3. Should prove the need for financial assistance in the Student Aid Report

The government provides these funding options for nursing programs in Illinois for all those who wish to become an R.N, L.P.N, C.N.A or want to pursue a higher degree. If the number of applicants exceeds the amount of funds available, the scholarships might become competitive. In that case, previous academic record and financial need shall also be taken into account.

Once the degree for the student is over, he/she can work in the state of Illinois for an agreed period of time in which case none of the money needs to be returned.

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