Which Type of Furnace Filter to Buy

Home owners and home makers aim for satisfaction from the household products that they buy and use such as furnace air filters. But at times they are not satisfied by these products. This dissatisfaction does not always come from the product’s failure but from the buyer’s inability to determine the exact needs of the home. Certainly, you do not want to buy the wrong furnace filter that end up with you worrying, cleaning, replacing and spending more on energy. Here are the types that you can choose from depending on the distinct demands of your home and family.

In terms of material, filters can be fiber glass, plastic or metal. Of these, the fiber glass kind is the least recommended and the metal kind is the most durable. It has metal housing that supports the pads that absorb particles quite well. In terms of MERV ratings, filters are as varied as rated 1 to rated 16. Standard 1” thick fiber glass filters are rated 5. Electronic filters can have ratings as high as 14; of course you want to go for higher ratings as they signify better particle restriction. When it comes to dimensions, filters may be standard or customized depending on the specifications of your furnace. When it comes to the degree of air cleaning, your choices include HEPA, electrostatic, electronic, activated carbon and deep-pleated filters. HEPA filter can be as good as 99% efficient in trapping varied pollutants. Electrostatic and electronic filters provide excellent air cleaning while maintaining good airflow. Activated carbon filter owes its purifying action from activated carbon that adsorbs harmful chemicals and toxins. Pleated filter boasts extra catch area for particles.

Before making that purchase from the hardware, department or online store, make you have studied the many furnace filter types to identify which one fits your home and family.

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