Gallstones: Signs To Look For

There are a few symptoms of gallstones that can alert you of a problem. Gallstones are a common condition, but information on the signs and symptoms of this condition can be hard to find. Symptoms to look out for include indigestion, heartburn and a pain that is located below your rib cage.

Indigestion is commonly blamed on other factors, like too much stomach acid or stress, when the real cause could be gallstones. If your discomfort is caused by stomach acid or stress, then you should get some relief from over the counter medications or home remedies. One home remedy is to take a glass of water, dissolve a bit of baking soda in it and drink it. If these things do not help, then you may need to ask your doctor to test for gallstones.

Pain under your ribs is a very uncomfortable feeling that can be a warning sign of several dangerous conditions. The most serious of which is a perforated ulcer. If this ulcer eats through your stomach lining, it can cause the contents of your stomach to leak into your abdominal cavity. Diaphragm and liver problems can also cause this pain. If you have ruled out your stomach, diaphragm and liver as the cause of your problem, then you may want to ask your doctor to screen for gallstones.

Heartburn is a common problem that can also be a product of stomach acid, a spicy diet and stress. You may want to try long term remedies like Prilosec and Prevacid, as well as short term remedies like Tums and Rolaids. If these measures do not help with your heartburn, then you may want to ask your doctor to see if gallstones are really to blame.

Although the above symptoms can be a harmless side effect of heartburn and stress, they can also point to a more serious problem. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have your doctor assess your symptoms to ensure that they are not a product of gallstones or a more serious condition.

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