Garage Cabinet Shelving: What To Look For

Many home owners are thrilled to use garage cabinets as their preferred choice of garage storage, but rarely do they think about all of the different features they have before making a purchase. From thinking about legs, to the material of the walls and top and the shelving or drawers in the unit, there are many different options to consider before plunking down some money.

When you are looking at buying garage cabinets, you may have the option of getting shelving or drawers or a combination of both for the unit. It helps if you determine your storage needs before buying any units so you have a good understanding of not only how much storage you need but what units are going to work best for all of your household items. If you decide you want to have shelving for the cabinets, there are several things you need to consider before buying.

First, is the shelving adjustable inside the cabinet you are looking to purchase? Having a shelf that can be moved around to different places offers much more flexibility for storage so you can gather household items of different heights and store them in one place. This is going to save you money from buying additional storage units by filling up the cabinet space as much as possible. You also need to consider the load the shelf can carry. Most companies will have shelves that can hold 100 or 200 pounds of weight. It may seem like you don’t have products that weigh that much put the pounds can quickly add up depending on how big the unit is inside.

You also want to consider what the cabinet offers for keeping the shelf in place. If there is no center bar, some shelves may be able to slide out the front, which is not a good thing if they are hanging on the wall and would ever come loose. Some companies use cheap pins underneath the shelf to keep it in the air. Cheap pins can break or crack, causing your shelf to crash and your items to get damaged. Dovetailed adjustable shelves are your best bet if you can find them in the type of model you like.

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