Locations to Use Garden Spot Lights

Moonlighting is a favorite style of garden lighting that many people apply on their garden. This is because moonlighting is encompassing aside from being decorative. Although moonlighting is not exactly the most popular among the garden lighting effect but special attention is drawn on it due to the simple yet attractive nature of how the garden lights play a vital role to enhancing the vibe in your garden.

Moonlighting is defined to be the combination of both uplighting and downlighting for the garden employing the use of up lights and down lights to magnify the brightness of the garden and create that artificial moonlight ambiance.

How is this possible? There are a few things that one has to procure in order to achieve the perfect moonlighting for the garden. One of which are spot lights. Spot lights that give out monochromatic white light and not yellow light is needed. You can specify the kind of spot lights you need for moonlighting when you are all set to make the purchase. Always keep a look out for solar garden lights, as they can save you a bundle on energy costs.

Remember that the spotlights should not be too bright. The light cast will cover a broad expanse but the lights should not be as bright as many halogen lights. Once the spotlights are already present, the best and most probable location to place these lights as in the case of downlighting is on trees or outside the house. However having these lights is not complete yet. You still need a couple of up lights to complete the artificial moonlit look.

You will use the same lights for uplighting which means that you will still need spotlights. This time spotlights are not placed on trees but on the ground instead and the light is cast upwards. In most cases in order to conceal the lights or the wirings from it, the up lights are embedded on the ground or flushed to keep them from being seen.

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