Every Green Thumb Needs A Garden Tool Rack

Everyone who enjoys working outdoors planting and tending to flower beds should have a garden tool rack. It can help keep all the supplies together and easily available for the next job in the planting beds. There are many different products one can use, depending on whether a tool or potting shed is used or where the items may be stored.

Some units are designed to be mounted on the wall, so rakes, hoes, trowels, shovels and trimmers can put put up off the floor. This helps keep them from being damaged by moisture. Items like this can be mounted in a storage shed in the back yard or in the basement or mud room, to keep the items out of the way. They also keep devices safe from the reach of small children.

There are standing units that simply rest on the ground and come with different types of slots, to separate various devices. These models usually come with hooks for smaller hand held items and can be used to hang gloves and aprons as well. They usually have a solid base, so items are kept off the floor and away from debris.

Floor models come in a couple different basic styles. There are those that simply fit anywhere in the shed, garage or basement, where there is a space available. The are tall enough that no bending is required to put devices away and provide enough storage to separate different types of devices. There are corner units made similarly, but with a triangular shape, to fit against two walls, which leaves even more floor space for other items. Prices for garden tool racks can vary. However, they are very inexpensive, regardless of which model or brand is chosen. A typical standing model can be purchased for around $30 to $40, while a corner unit can be found for under $20.

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