Factors Affecting Gas Furnace Prices

Has your furnace stopped working properly? It may be time for you to purchase a newer model. Prices on furnaces depend on several factors including the type of furnace you choose. You can choose from basically 5 different types of furnaces namely, gas furnace, oil furnace, gas boiler, electric furnace and heat pump. If you are thinking of purchasing a gas furnace, you also have to be aware that gas furnace prices are also affected by the size of the area where you want to install the HVAC system. For instance, a gas furnace for a 4000-square foot home would naturally be more expensive compared to a gas furnace for a smaller area.

The price of the gas furnace will also depend on the brand of the furnace you choose. Carrier gas furnace prices for instance, may be a bit more expensive compared to unknown brands. However, Carrier is a brand that is trusted by many so you are also certain that you are getting a high quality product. Gas furnaces are also available in different levels of efficiency and stages. Gas furnaces with higher efficiency and multi-stage or modulating stage furnaces are generally more expensive. A single-stage furnace with 80% efficiency will cost you about $2000 or more while a multi-stage furnace with 95% efficiency would cost you about $5000 or more.

Gas furnaces prices are also affected by your geographic location. In choosing a gas furnace, you also have to consider the climate in your area. If you live in areas with warm climate, you don’t have to purchase gas furnaces with high efficiency ratings. A mid-efficiency gas furnace may be good enough and would be more cost efficient. You also need to consider the installation costs. If additional modifications need to be done, then you would also have to pay more. So when getting quotes from several companies, you also have to know what the price includes.

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