Getting Your Student a Trumpet

So your child is a new trumpet player, and when you first go to rent them a student trumpet, you might get really confused, and a little panicked! And yes, renting is the way to go for that first year, in case your child decides their calling is something other than the trumpet.

You might think that you need only get the cheapest trumpet you can find. Many parents make this mistake at first, and this is not the way to go. Avoid purchasing a trumpet from a retail outlet such as Costco or Wal-Mart. To someone who does not know the true sound of a trumpet, it might sound just fine. But, it will be evident to your child’s teacher or band director that they are using an inferior trumpet. And if the child is serious about learning the instrument, they will need a quality trumpet like Yamaha trumpet or Benge trumpet as the sounds they produce will just not fit in with a band or orchestra.

So, you have rented for the first year, and your son or daughter still wants to play the trumpet. Now, you are tasked with purchasing a trumpet for them. Often, owning their own trumpet can be a great motivator for the child to succeed with their studying. Some good brand name horns include Old Ambassador, Bach and Yamaha, but there are a few others that will do. Always choose an American or Japanese trumpet instead of a Chinese one. Many instrument repair shops won’t repair a Chinese trumpet, as they are too delicate and might break during the repair process. You want a durable horn, so it can withstand the scratches, nicks, bumps and bangs that a child almost inevitably will put it through.

Once you have purchased your trumpet, be sure to keep it in good working order. Also purchase a high quality oil for the valves so that there is no gunk build up, which can lead to preventable maintenance issues.

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