Gladiator Style For Sandals Shoes

Shoes are such a fun topic.  I mean I write a lot of articles about shoes nowadays for many blogs.  There are some serious shoes fanatics and it is just a fun pastime watching how people dress themselves up and how trends change over time.   A really fun, funny, exciting and incredible style of shoes is the gladiator style shoe.

Gladiator style shoes are sometime searched for by the name gladiator sandals.  They are a type of sandal usually typified by having straps.  Most common nowadays is the straps going about as high as the ankle.  Designers have had a field day differentiating themselves and expressing their artistic acumen within this genre.

The straps for these shoes are made of many materials.  Some are made of chain, and cloth but most common are leather straps.  Some have buckles and some don’t.  Some of these shoes have a lot of straps and some play it minimalist and still carry the name gladiator sandals.  I’ve even seen some with clear straps.  One around the toe and an ankle strap with a tiny buckle.

You can even see designers playing with the ancient Roman style.  Yes it is true if you so desire you can purchase some shoes where the strapping go all the way up to the knee.  It is a look in my opinion that is hard to pull off but when it does come together it is glorious.

There are high heeled versions, ankle high versions and knee high versions that go well with all types of fashion.  My favorite are the minimalist high heeled numbers.  Very chic, fun and sexy.  Ankle high, high heeled incarnations of the gladiator sandal comprise some of the most sought after for their versatility with jeans, shorts and skirts.

I have found a lot of blogs that target these shoes as a category.  There is definitely a love affair of sorts pulsing in the fashion and consumer community regarding this long evolved and evolving style of shoe.  There is so much variation in my opinion it is difficult to tell what is a gladiator sandal and what is not.  Most open toed women shoes have straps.  How many straps does it take to earn the name gladiator shoe or sandal?  I’ve even seen some that have a classic thong be bear the name.

Looking online through the voluminous selection is recommended to find the best deals.  Some notable designers are Nine West, Type Z, Ed Hardy, RSVP, Chinese Laundry and Steve Madden.

If you are looking for sandals for men you may just be stuck with looking like a gladiator.  Sorry fellas.

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