Tropical Wedding Centerpieces For Your Beach Wedding

If your wedding reception is on the beach or near the beach, it is best to decorate it with tropical wedding centerpieces. They are the best wedding centerpieces that can carry out the theme and atmosphere of the whole wedding occasion.

The good news for you is that tropical centerpieces are not at all hard to make. In fact, you can make them by yourself or with a little help from your partner, family, and friends. Plus, beach wedding centerpieces are very much affordable as compared to other kinds of centerpieces popular in most wedding receptions.

To come up with simple yet eye-catching centerpieces, you need sand, corals, seashells, flowers, ribbons, candles, water, and clear vases. With these materials in hand, you can already create different kinds of centerpieces ideal for your tropical wedding.

An ideal centerpiece you can create out of these things is a glass bowl tropical wedding centerpiece. You can fill glass bowls with sand and then top them off with a large flower in the middle or a collection of different kinds of seashells. You can also opt to erect a tall candle in the center instead of a flower or seashells.

Another great centerpiece idea is a floating candle. You can pour water in a small bowl and tint the water blue. Carefully sprinkle sand or shells at the bottom of the bowl and allow small candles to float there. You can choose floating candles in the shape of a fish, flower, or other beach-related shapes. For an outdoor reception, spread some sand at the center of a table, preferably a long table. You can scatter tea candles and seashells on the sand for an elegant and romantic long centerpiece.

There are simply a lot of things you can create out of sand, shells, water, candles, and flowers for your wedding centerpieces. If you are creative enough, you will come up with unique and stunning tropical centerpieces that every guest will surely admire.

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