The Wise Choice for a Gold Ring

Gold has always been termed as having authority among other elements. In earliest time of human history, gold has been made as a means of exchange and symbol of richness. It has been associated with gods, power, immorality and luxury. It made the culture of human being abundant and productive. Its brilliant appearance, sophisticated beauty, malleability and capacity to resist tarnish made it interesting to deal with. Since it is widely scatted throughout the metallurgic world, it has been easily discovered to different congregation in different parts of the world.

Gold is the first metal most popularly known by many people. To trace historical development of technology, there sprung the iron and copper which contribute much to economy and culture. Human mostly equate high appraisal to gold. In biblical history, it has been associated to gods for glorification, authorities as a sign of power and moral ascendancy, and to cultural elites. At present, these practices and culture are still instilled to the new generations and they share the same knowledge when it comes to gold.

Being one of the loveliest metals existing in the world, gold contributes a major part in jewelry making. The Gold ring is still the symbol of authority and dominance. In fact, the highest figure of among Christian Catholic, the Pope, is made of gold. Inscripted are Latin letterings of the reigning Pope’s name.

Admittedly, the most popular way to use for gold is for rings. Jewelry stores offer these accessories for fashion and elegance. Their collection is focused more on exhibiting rings made from 18k gold. Naturally, a gold ring cannot be made up of a pure metal gold as this is not feasible. Pure metal gold is too soft an incapable of going through the process of normal wear and tear. Thus, this metal is combined with silver, zinc, copper and nickel for added strength.

A gold ring may be available in 14k, 18k gold which is made up of 58.3% and 75% gold respectively.

The 14k gold

Since it has lesser gold content, the ring is not as yellow and shiny compared to18k gold. This is cheaper of course, however, stronger than 18k gold. But since it is made up of gold, it still holds the image of sophistication.

The 18 k gold

This is otherwise known as the “yellow gold”. It is finer and more lustrous. Be aware that white gold is also made from 18k gold. To make the ring appear to be white, it is coated and finished with rhodium.

The Rose gold

As the term suggests, the ring’s color is almost as the color of a red rose. This is because it is made up of copper. Little girls would definitely love this as a present.

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