Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda Is A Great Holiday

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a popular travel destination for many ecology minded travelers. Traveling to see these gentle giants is a great way to ensure their survival in the wild. The government of Rwanda is aware that a large amount of money is coming in from tourists who desire to see these primates in their wild habitat. This encourages the Rwandan government to take extra special care of the gorillas. They are now protected year round by dedicated patrols who shield them from poachers. This is very good news for the gorillas, who were previously threatened with extinction.

Rwanda gorillas are amazingly human like, and display the same social patterns that humans do. They care deeply for their family members, and are devastated if something should happen to one of them. They are quite docile, but can display a ferocious temper when provoked. Rwanda gorillas live in lush surroundings, since the mountainous regions they prefer are so fertile. There is plenty of rain and food available for them. These giant apes prefer to live on fruits and vegetables, as well as grubs. This makes up most of their diet, yet they still manage to be extremely strong, and weigh many hundreds of pounds.

The lodges that cater to the tourists are extremely luxurious and have all the modern amenities. There need be no concern that vacationing to see Rwanda gorillas is a primitive experience. The food prepared at these lodges and camps is outstanding, and they hire only the best chefs to keep their clients happy. Warm showers can be had, and the beds are cozy and soft. Western visitors will not be deprived of any modern conveniences. The gorilla guides are knowledgeable, and they know exactly where the gorillas live, to ensure that everyone will get a good view of these magnificent creatures.

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