Of Monsoon And Graduation Day Dressing

Monsoon season is considered to be gloomy and dark. The rain mostly makes things messy and gloomy often making it difficult for you to wear what you like. There is always a fear that you would get drenched with unexpected rainfall. However, be creative and brighten up such days with your thoughtful dress sense.

Buy monsoon dresses very cautiously by imagining the results of wearing lighter hued shades. Choose darker shades of brown, olive green, indigo and orange. Girls can select from a wide variety of short skirts, knee-length skirts or tunics, while it is appreciable to avoid long dresses. Avoid cotton clothes as it can get unmanageable in wet and muddy conditions.

And for the men folk, choosing appropriate fabrics such as poly-nylons can make matters simple. While your casual wear can comprise of cargo pants or knee length shorts made out of your old pair of denims. You footwear is important too. Therefore avoid leather shoes and replace them with boots, slippers or rubber shoes wherever possible.

Your graduation day is an important occasion not only for you but for your friends and family too. So the way you dress and the attire you choose becomes equally important too. Whether you are graduating a regular high school or college, nursing college, military or a management school, the appropriate outfit is a must for all. The dress designers have also started recognizing the need for the graduation dresses and therefore have created an entire range of these graduation dresses, primarily in black color.

Whether you decide to buy it or hire it, the attire must consist of tassels, cloaks, caps, honor collars and stoles. Complement these dresses with light makeup and a flattering but sensible hairstyle, along with formal shoes most preferably black and you are ready for your D-day.

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