The Exceptional Granitex Floor Glazes

A combination of aliphatic urethane and urethane, the unique granitex flooring, a floor coat, has a patent pending. This type of flooring has extreme resistance to stain and impact, has endurance to damage, and has stability against UV rays. Definitely, this is a cut above two-part epoxy garage floor enamels and paints.

Longevity is amongst the numerous advantages of the aforementioned flooring type. Nearly all people know that replacement of floors is not easy, thus the must to have flooring that is long-lasting. In this regard, granitex flooring is the most ideal option when contemplating on what kind of durable floor to have. It is perfect for a garage, a warehouse, and any kind of business area that requires a tough floor. Meanwhile, exceptional attractiveness is another advantage of granitex floors, and this is most especially applicable and useful if used in a retail store where first impressions are vital.

Furthermore, granitex is safe for food service spots or restaurants since it adheres to USDA and FDA regulations. Moreover, cleaning this flooring type is easy, with simple washing with water through a plain hose as a sufficient method already. And, because it is offered in more than 200 hues, every buyer will be able to pick his or her most preferred kind. On the other hand, the floor can already be stepped on the same day the coating is applied on it.

Wonderfully, this coating may be put over various types of surfaces such as fiberglass, wood, metal, and tile. It is simple to install it because not like a regular two-part epoxy paint, a flooring machine heats the granitex floor glazes, and afterward applied to the flooring and then baked on to make a durable and sturdy surface which could outlast any other garage floor coating. All in all, having granitex for floors will absolutely be a great choice.

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