Green Tea Is Not A High Alkaline Food

There are a number of high alkaline foods. Green tea is not one of them. That said, there are many green tea benefits. Just because it is not a highly alkalizing food does not mean that followers of the alkaline diet should avoid drinking it. If truth be told, green tea is actually an alkaline drink. It is just that it is only mildly alkaline as opposed to highly alkaline.

I feel there is too much focus amongst followers of the alkaline diet to find the most potent foodstuffs. There is no real need for this. Instead, we just have to focus on increasing the quantities of alkaline foods that we eat on a daily basis. These are fruits and vegetables. This is something that is common knowledge. Fruit and vegetables are good for us. The alkaline diet is simply one attempt to explain one reason why this is the case.

The more alkaline foods that we eat, the more of a pH balancing effect we can have on our bodies. It is not good for us to be in too acidic or too alkaline a state. The goal is for pH balance. This is why drinking green tea regularly throughout the day is a good thing. We can give our body regular alkaline boosts every time we have a cup.

The fact that it is much less alkalizing than drinking some home made apple juice is not really the issue. Of course, having enough fruit and vegetables throughout the day is very important. But drinking green tea is something extra that we can do. Not only does it exhibit a slight alkalizing effect but it has other health benefits too. For example, it is packed full of antioxidants that are good for our overall well being.

The important thing to take away is that balance is important. Balance of our body’s overall pH as well as balance of the foods that we consume each day. Green tea helps in this regard and is a drink that is worth your time exploring.

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