What the Pursuit of Grocery Coupons Discounts Shows About You

There are several factors that can be inferred about a person who opts to pursue the discounts that become available through grocery coupons. That would be happening against a background where a majority of the people to whom the grocery coupons are available opt not pursue the discounts, either out of ignorance about the workings of the coupons, or out of a feeling that the savings would too small to be worth the trouble.

The grocery coupons we looking at are, by the way, used by marketers who are trying to improve the sales and brand strengths of their products. The idea is that you get the coupons (that is, you could chance upon them being distributed, or you could chance upon them online, or you could chance upon them in your mail box..), then present them to cashiers when you go buying the relevant products, and thence get discounts. Some coupons would entitle you to discounts for pretty much any products you may buy at the stores where they are accepted. Others would only entitle you to discounts on specific products (which could be anything from clothing to drinks or even dog food), but typically at a wider variety of stores.

Now one of the things pursuit of grocery coupons shows about you is that you are a financially prudent person. Chances are that to the extent you are keen on saving every cent that can be reasonably saved, you wouldn’t be inclined to waste such hard-saved money either. You would therefore tend to be financially prudent.

Pursuit of the discounts available through grocery coupons would also strongly suggest that you are a well-informed person, who has a good idea on ‘how stuff work actually works.’ That is because, as mentioned earlier, the reason as to why many people don’t take advantage of the coupons is not that they aren’t interested in discounts per se, but because they don’t quite understand how the grocery coupons work.

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