Eyelash Enhancement And What Eyelashes Are For

There are many different things you can do to grow longer eyelashes, or at least appear to have grow longer eyelashes.  You can get eyelash extensions, which are fake eyelashes that are attached individually to your current ones, as opposed to attaching them all in a strip and gluing that to your eyelid.  You can try eyelash tinting, which is dyeing your eyelashes a darker color, meaning you no longer need to wear mascara, and can just hope that your eyelashes look long enough when they are darker.  You can try eyelash implants, which is taking hair from your head through surgery and putting the hair roots in your eyelids.  The problem with that is it will grow as head hair, and need to be trimmed regularly.  If your head hear is of a significantly different texture than your head, it won’t work either.

The eyelash is an interesting thing.  Much like cat’s whiskers, it is sensitive to movement, and will reflexively force your eye to blink if disturbed.  To test this, simply run your finger gently along your eyelid and try to keep your eye open.  It will flicker open and shut as your conscious brain conflicts with your reflexive brain.  Mammals also have eyelashes that do the exact same thing.  It is especially noticeable on prey animals that live in herds, such as horses, cows and camels. Some mammals don’t have eyelashes, such as whales and dolphins,   There is a species of snake that, strangely enough, has specialized scales that look like eyelashes.  Hornbills, a type of African bird, have a feather version of eyelashes. Animals that don’t have eyelashes often have a second, transparent eyelid that protects their eyes as opposed to having a signal that will tell them to blink when something comes close to the eye.

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