What To Do About Grub Infestation In Your Lawn

When you are dealing with white grub problems in your lawn, you may not even know that they are there, until it is too late. White grubs are also known more commonly as Japanese beetles or Asiatic beetles. Either way they are the same worm-like creatures that eat your grass roots and come out during the day to eat off your grass shoots. White grubs can be more damaging to your lawn than chickens.  As an expert landscaper, I have had the opportunity to work on several different kinds of lawns for the last eight years. I have seen that lawns often get plagued by white grubs. Grubs in lawn are more common where there are dogs, and the owners to not bother cleaning up the dog poop on a regular basis. Dog poop is one of the best habitat for white grubs to live in. They often will lay their eggs in the dung of other larger animals, such as a dog or a cat.

White grubs look like earthworms, only their bodies are a lot shorter and fatter. White grubs can even look a little bit green, if they have just finished feeding on your lawn. White grubs have a large mouth and a fat body that usually curl into a C-shape. It is important to know what lawn grubs look like, to easily detect them before they wreck much damage to your grass.  If you have grubs in your lawn, remember that you should take quick measures on grub control as soon as possible. This is because most of the damage will not be visible until the end of July or the middle of August. By then, it will be too late to correct any of the damage that they have done, and you might have to end up replacing part of your lawn.  The best time to treat for lawn grubs is in the late spring or the early summer, using pesticides to kill these creatures. However anytime that you have them, you should deal with them immediately and not wait for late spring or early summer. The only type of grub that is immune to poisons, is one that has not yet emerged from the egg. There are a lot of effective lawn pesticides that you can use, like Ortho Max and Grub-X. Make sure that the type of poison you use will affect the different stages of life that these grubs are in.

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