Hair Growth Products

Hair is something that when it looks good, it enhances the person’s face and makes them look much much prettier. On the other hand, as all who have had bad hair days can attest, when the hair the looks bad, the face looks worse, despite makeup or the like. Some people who have thinning hair may feel that their face never looks as pretty as it can because they are always focusing on the lack of hair on their head. However, I am going to tell you about a few hair growth products and other cosmetic hair products that can help change that.

Some products that actually help grow back hair include different brands of hair loss shampoo, serums to put on the scalp and creams. In the serum line, there is Rogaine for men and there is a different brand called Minoxidil that both men and women can use. The men use a 5% solution and the women use a 2% solution. Sometimes ig the hair loss is worsening or not getting better, the doctor may tell a woman to use the 5%. Be aware that you should always ask a doctor before you begin using anny hair growth product.

Among the cosmetic hair loss products are different things to cover up the hair loss and make the scalp look fuller as opposed to growing it back which may not be an option or may not be working. One such product which I have tried and indeed have been very happy with is a product called Toppik. Now, there are a few such products and you could do your own research but I have used this one and I can say that it has been very helpful. It is a small bottle of hair-like fibers that you sprinkle into the thinner areas of the scalp in order to make the hair look fuller.It has been very useful to me and hopefully you will enjoy it too.

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