Create A Healthy Life Style For Your Family

My family is an essential part of my life, and I would certainly like to do anything for their safety and health. Cooking is one thing that will help me in ensuring their health. I love cooking and preparing festive healthy dishes for my loved ones as it will give me a chance to take care of them. My husband loves beef dishes especially steaks, steak diane is his all time favorite dish. On the other hand, my kids love dishes made from chicken, and chicken kiev is the favorite dish of my elder son. I try to make all kinds of dishes that my family likes, but I also try to create a menu that will help my children to avoid unhealthy junk food and have delicious, healthy food. Healthy food provides necessary nutrients, which helps in reducing the risk of various diseases like strokes, different cancers, diabetes and heart diseases.

I use plenty of different vegetable and fruits as they provide a lot of different minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help my family to fight illness and to stay strong and healthy. I mostly try to use raw vegetables, and sometimes I blanch them in order to store their nutritional value as over cooking will lose them. Blanched vegetables are liked my kids as they become soft and colorful. I try to give fruits after every meal to my family members. Fish and lean meats are also essential part of our diet. Lean meat in excessive quantity can be harmful for our health, so I try to balance it by adding fish in my meals as they are low in fat and have less cholesterol. They also have fatty acids that are beneficial for our body and mind.

It is also necessary to control our fatty foods, so I use olive oil instead of butter and balsamic vinegar as a substitute to salad dressing. Fizzy drinks, soda, juices, tea and coffee, if taken in large quantity are also harmful for our health. I loved having tea twice or thrice a day, but now I take tea once a day, and for the rest of the day, I have switched to green tea instead of ordinary tea. I am trying to create a healthy lifestyle for my family by balancing their favorite dishes with the healthy ones.

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