Monitor Your Heart Rate With A Polar RS800CX Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors have taken on a world of their own. They can be used for multiple sports other than your traditional running or working out in the gym. Models like the Polar RS800CX allow you to use the heart rate monitor for multiple sports. It is an extremely sophisticated watch that is used for those who are serious about training for their sport. The RS800CX is great because you can use with a lot of different sensors so that you can use it on your bicycle. The watch also features cool GPS features as well as an Altimeter so that you can monitor your altitude.

Once you start working out with a heart rate monitor, you’ll be amazed at the information that you can gather. As long as you get a superior heart rate monitor like the Polar RS200, then you can track and monitor your fitness progress as it relates to your heart rate. All of the Polar watches include advanced programs that let you calculate advanced statistics on the fly to allow you to analyze your fitness on a whole new level.

The best part about using a heart rate monitor is knowing whether or not you are pushing yourself hard enough. You need to workout within your heart rate zone so that you are working out efficiently. If you are working out underneath your zone, then you need to kick things up a notch or go home. That’s because if you are not going to work out in your zone, then you are not getting an efficient workout and you are not going to make any progress. The same goes for working out above your zone. You could seriously hurt yourself or at the very least make yourself ill from working out too hard. It’s important to pace yourself in this kind of situation.

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