Facts To Be Known During Initial Consultation for Man Boobs Surgery

If you have tried all the methods to get rid of man boobs and failed, the final step to eliminate them is the surgical treatment. If have tried various methods such as diet programs, regular exercise, hormonal therapy others, and the man boobs have not been reduced, the only option that is left is to undergo a surgical treatment. This method is implemented only when all other methods fail.

The surgical treatment for gynecomastia will mainly focus on the reduction of man boobs. These types of surgeries are categorized under cosmetic procedures. Due to this reason, most of the insurance companies do not cover the gynecomastia surgery. If you have decided to undergo the treatment, you will have to finance it yourself.  You need to understand that the surgery will cost you a hefty sum of money and select your surgeon wisely. Finally, the doctor might ask you whether you really want to get rid of it. He might also tell how to hide man boobs, if interested you can avoid the surgery and follow the steps to hide man boobs.

During the consultation, the surgeon will ask you certain important questions to identify the possible causes of gynecomastia. Here are certain questions that might be asked.

  • He will ask you questions regarding your medical history.
  • He will ask you about having allergies to medications, drugs and anesthesia.
  • He will ask you if you have you undergone any cosmetic surgery
  • He will ask you about the intake of any current medications to get rid of man boobs.
  • Finally, he will ask you the reasons to why you wa tnto get rid of man boobs.

Once the doctor knows all your medical history, then you will have to undergo a series of physical examination and laboratory tests. These are performed to confirm that the condition is gynecomastia. The tests will give you the results and the causes of the condition. The doctor will then take measurements of your breasts (size and shape), nipples and location of the areola. Then the surgery will be conducted.

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