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A while back, some unknown nasty mean person aka identity thief, hacked into my debit account or else onto my laptop and I cannot figure out how or when they did such a horrible thing. I guess first and foremost let me say that it was in September during a period of time when I had just settled in after being very transitory. They spent a whole lot of cash–about $700 in total before I finally was onto the gig and called my credit union who was fabulous about taking care of me and taking care of business.

They were a white knight and I’ll leave it at that. It must’ve been during the move that they accessed my records. I’m learning about the hide my ip movement perhaps a little too late. I had just moved from Augusta Ga to American Fork Utah in August last summer and during that move, I was in several public places where I had to use an atm machine which wasn’t attached to a bank. I was in situations–dicey ones you might say, where those atm machines I used were located at gas stations on the fringe of the city and this happened more than a few times. I had to log onto my laptop at the airport also and later, the local library which offers wifi; also insecure and very public.

Anyone can track your movement if they know what they’re doing. I didn’t know. I forgot to log off immediately after viewing sensitive material. I made some mistakes–mistakes that I have learned to avoid and which I won’t make again anytime soon. So I hopped onto my account after a week of not checking my checking and guess what?! Yep, you guessed. In September someone had ordered a bunch of used dj equipment and also desinger bags from some company in the U.K. They also spent a whole lot of cash on lumber and construction junk in Georgia which makes me think that it could’ve happened a while before my move. I don’t know. I left Ga in late July and went to my mother’s house.

I didn’t know how to hide my ip. I just logged on in places along the way. Hotels. Libararies. Airports. It wasn’t good. When I finally talked with a identity theft counsellor at my bank, they explained exactly what to do and how to avoid such things in the future. They told me it would be a good idea to hide my ip. I shut down my debit card like that and decided never to use it to buy anything online again. I ordered a new card next and came up with a new password. I decided to up my game against hackers. Because those suckers are vile and I felt so violated, I never wanted to feel that vulnerable ever again. And my banking institution was there for me–covering my tush.

I appreciate the way they handled the whole thing. Trusting my claims and launching an investigation against the thieves. It felt pretty good to be in good hands. I’ve been with that same credit union for years and they’ve always treated me well. They have that reputationl. Clark Howard sings their praises on his show every day. And he’d know. He’s a consumer protection and advice kind of guy. He’s seen everything under the sun. I think I will hide my ip. It’s the only way to stay safe in an era of online predators and I have to protect myself as much as is possible. Otherwise I’ll never sleep again! I’d hate to have to report any more fraudulent activity on my account.

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